Class Schedule
Instruction level Class Type Day Time Studio
Kids (5+ to 10 years) Kathak Beginner Sunday 10:15-11:10 AM Ashburn
Kids (8+ to 12 years) Kathak Intermediate Sunday 11:00-12:00 PM Ashburn
Teens (12+ to 17 years) Kathak (Advanced) Sunday 12:00-01:00 PM Ashburn
Kids (8+ to 10 yrs) Kathak (Beginner / Intermediate) Monday 06:00-07:00 PM Herndon
Adult (18+ yrs) Kathak Adult Monday 07:00-08:00 PM Herndon
Adult (18+ yrs) Kathak Adult Wednesday 06:00-07:30 PM Herndon
Teens (12+ to 17 yrs) Kathak (Advanced) Friday 05:30-06:30 PM Herndon
Teens (12+ to 17 yrs) Kathak (Intermediate) Friday 06:30-07:30 PM Herndon
Teens/Adult Kathak (Intermediate) Friday 07:30-08:30 PM Herndon
Kids (5+ to 10 yrs) Kathak Beginner Saturday 11:30-12:30 PM Herndon
Kids (5+ to 10 yrs) Kathak (Beginner / Intermediate) Saturday 12:30-01:30 PM Herndon
Teens (13 to 17 yrs) Kathak (Advanced) Sunday 04:30-05:30 PM Herndon

Fundamental of Dance/ Semi-classical

The class is designed and aimed for students just about learn classical form of dance. Students get to know the basics of classical dance – like basic beats counts, hand postures/movements, gentle body movements, feet and hand coordination, simple “chakkars” (spins/turns) etc. with music and/or songs from classical singers and/or popular Hindi movies. This class offers everything to the little dancers so they get fun and learn!

Kathak (Beginners/Intermediate)

Each student learns the following aspects of the dance: Nritta (pure dance, technique): include movement exercises, basic footwork tatkar; turns chakkars; rhythmic patterns and timing; recitation of the language of the dance bols. Nritya (dance with rhythm and expression): use of interpretive gestures, expression, and rendering of traditional songs and poems. Natya (drama): learning the art of storytelling with facial expressions. Students are taught in a traditional ambience with the basic principles that embody the body, mind, and spirit of the dance.

Kathak (Advanced)

The main thrust is to kindle the energy within each student that will propel them beyond their normal levels of endurance. Over time this process develops stamina and strength – the necessary ingredients to sustain between one to two hours of continuous dancing. Students are taught the deep understanding and versatility of rhythm and timing, the expressions, virtuosity of technique. At this level student are ready for their solo performances on the stage with classical/semi-classical music or songs.


A variety of Indian and Western styles through basic footwork, hand gestures, body movements and expressions are taught. This concentrates not just dancing with a popular Hindi songs, but it prepares dancers with the deep understanding of rhythms, timings, stretching and coordination of different body parts. It essentially gives the dancers full of confidence and satisfaction as they learn various styles of the modern dance with full of fun! This is a very innovative class and no previous dancing experience is required.

All classes start with a stretch exercise with a light music that warms up and prepares the dancers for the next hour of journey through our rich cultures and traditions!

Please note that progress in dance courses depends crucially on the student's own efforts. In order for dancers to develop expertise in Indian dance, Jhanak recommends regular attendance to the class as well as regular practice (at least 30 mins, twice a week) at home.